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Hi my name is Rolf and my wife is Paula. We have been married for about 22 years now. Wow right. We have 4 kids ages from 11 to 19. We have lived in Melbourne for about 8 years then in Adelaide for about 10 years and now we are living in Salt Lake City, Utah for about 6 years

We have loved all cities, each one has something unique about it.

I work in IT as a computer programmer, Paula is a school teacher. Working on houses is just something we have done along the way

I am a real geek also. I love making stuff with electronics or computer programs. I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, nature photography. I have a photography website here http://lawrenzphotography.com.au but I havent updated it for sometime.

We love to travel as a family and have been to the "outback" in Australia. We took the Birdsville track from Adelaide to Birdsville. We have travelled around West US and saw many cool things. I'll share some photos below:

Outback Australia

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San Francisco, California

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