Building a Keystone block pond wall

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Give your pond a formal look by constructing a block pond wall with capping stone. In this video I show how to change an existing country style pond with rocks and plants, into a formal pond with blocks. I remove existing rocks, plants, then reshape the pond to prepare for a wall. I use the Rio Keystone blocks from Belgard with capping stones. I glue them into place and make sure the liner is securely in place.

Category: Pond

Approx Time: 8+ hours




Amazon ItemDescriptionApprox Cost $
Belgard Keystone Block Belgard Keystone blocks. Price is for 1 block $11.00
Belgard Keystone Capping Belgard Keystone capping stones. Price is for 1 capping stone $20.00
Cinder Block Cinder blocks are used as a foundation for the Keystone blocks $1.00
Construction Adhesive Glue used to keep blocks in place $5.00
Weed Mat To wrap around cinder blocks. It keeps weeds out and also prevents dirt from slipping down liner $20.00
  Total Approx Cost   $57.00


Amazon Item Description
Shovel to dig out channel for cinder blocks
Mattock to dig out channel for cinder blocks
Protection Glasses when using angle grinder
Garden Gloves protect hands when working with blocks and angle grinder
Medium Level levelling blocks
Rubber Mallet hitting blocks in place
Metric Measuring Tape measuring blocks for cutting ends
Caulking Gun for glue
Angle Grinder for smoothing edge of cinder block
Circular Saw for cutting capping stones
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