Garden Steps

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Create your own elegant looking garden steps from cinder blocks or concrete blocks. I'll show you how to prepare the soil, choosing the step block, riser block, cutting the blocks, securing the blocks so they do not move, and finally filling in the gaps to make it look like professional garden steps.

Category: Garden

Approx Time: 16+ hours




Amazon ItemDescriptionApprox Cost $
Cinder Block as the riser $1.00
Belgard Keystone Capping Belgard Keystone capping stones. Price is for 1 capping stone $20.00
Construction Adhesive Glue used to keep blocks in place $5.00
Weed Mat To wrap around cinder blocks. It keeps weeds out and also prevents dirt from slipping down liner $20.00
  Total Approx Cost   $46.00


Amazon Item Description
Shovel to dig out grass and channel for drain
Mattock to help dig up grass
Garden Gloves protect hands from digging
Metric Measuring Tape measuring between stakes
Circular Saw for cutting capping stones
Protection Glasses when using angle grinder
Medium Level levelling blocks
Caulking Gun for glue
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