Garden Path for Sloped Yard

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I will show you how to build garden paths on a sloped yard. I use treated wood as posts and beams. Then I will show you how to smooth the path and lay concrete pavers with weed mat to avoid those pesky weeds.

Category: Garden

Approx Time: 8+ hours




Amazon ItemDescriptionApprox Cost $
Weed Mat To put under pavers $20.00
Pavers medium to large size 10 @ $5.00
Long Plastic Pipe for smoothing $2.00
Treated Wooden Posts dig partially in ground 4 @ $10.00
Treated Wooden Beams (10 - 12ft long) fasten to posts 15 @ $6.00
  Total Approx Cost   $43.00


Amazon Item Description
Shovel to dig out grass and channel for drain
Mattock to help dig up grass
Garden Gloves protect hands from digging
Metric Measuring Tape measuring between stakes
Drop Saw for cutting wood
Protection Glasses when using saw
Medium Level levelling pavers
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