Paver Edging with Concrete

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Learn how to make a garden paver edge using concrete. I have seen many ways on youtube on how to make a garden edge. Some really simple, others take more time. For my edge I wanted it to serve a few purposes. I want it to keep the grass runners out of my garden bed. I wanted the edge to not move when I walk on it, and it needs to look neat by keeping in a straight line. And finally an easy way for the lawn mower to mow the grass around the edge. If these requirements are what your looking for in doing your own edge, then this youtube video is for you.

Category: Garden

Approx Time: 2+ hours




Amazon ItemDescriptionApprox Cost $
Concrete Mix sand, gravel, cement 1 @ $5.00
Pavers 10 @ $5.00
Water 0 @ $0.00
Long Plastic Pipe only if you have curved edges $2.00
Wooden Stake to hold plastic pipe for curved edges $0.00
  Total Approx Cost   $12.00


Amazon Item Description
Shovel to dig out channel
Mattock to dig out channel
Margin Trowel setting paver edges
Broad Scraper placing concrete into paver edges
Measuring Stick width and height of channel
Garden Hose adding to concrete and cleaning off pavers
Circular Saw for cutting paver
Diamond Circular Saw Blade for cutting paver
Dust Mask from cutting dust
Protection Glasses when cutting pavers
Garden Gloves protect hands when cutting and handling pavers
Medium Level levelling pavers
Rubber Mallet hitting pavers in place
Wheel Barrow removing dirt, mixing concrete
Metric Measuring Tape measuring pavers for cutting ends
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