How to plant a tree

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Planting a tree seems fairly straight forward, dig a hole and plant the tree. But there are a number of gotchas along the way that you need to be aware of. For example the stake that comes with the tree, do you plant it with the tree or remove it. How wide and deep should the tree be. How to properly stake the tree to prevent snapping in high wind, and then how long to keep the stake in there for. Do I water every day, and where do I water the tree. I go through all those questions in this video and more. Plus at the end I go through the mistake I made before properly researching this project.

Category: Garden

Approx Time: 1 hour




Amazon ItemDescriptionApprox Cost $
Tree Check size of tree and sun/shade conditions $100.00
Wooden Stake One or two if tree needs it. Can be any scrap wood $0.00
Small Rope For staking tree $1.00
Flexible Plastic Tube For deep watering and staking tree $0.00
Soil Pep $5.00
Manure $2.00
Nail or Screw In stake to wrap rope around $0.00
  Total Approx Cost   $108.00


Amazon Item Description
Knife Cutting rope
Hammer Pounding in stake
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