How to convert sprinkler from spray to drip

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In this video I show you how to convert your spray sprinkler system to a drip sprinkler system. As with a lot of projects the hardest part is the preparation. I go through all the materials and tools you need, and then show you step by step how to do the change. Once you have all the materials, it wont take long to change over.

Category: Garden

Approx Time: 15 - 30 minutes per line




Amazon ItemDescriptionApprox Cost $
1/2" Poly Tubing Running down garden beds $13.00
1/4" Poly Drip Tubing Connects to 1/2 in pipe to reach plants $12.00
1/4" Barbed Connectors Joins a 1/2 in pipe to a 1/4 in pipe or 1/4 in to 1/4 in 10 @ $3.70
1/4" Barbed Tees Splits one 1/4in pipe into two) 50 @ $6.30
End Closure Stopping the 1/2in pipe 5 @ $1.60
1800-Retro Spray to Drip Retrofit Kit Pressure kit for drip systems $17.00
Thread Seal Tape Wrapping around tread to keep water tight 5 @ $4.40
Adjustable Spray Jet on Spike 2 @ $10.00
Dripper/Emitter 30 @ $10.00
Micro-Bubbler 4 @ $5.00
  Total Approx Cost   $83.00


Amazon Item Description
Knife Cutting pipe
Drip Tubing Hole Punch creating hole for barb tee
Mug Hot water to soften pipe when connecting
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